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Price Policy

Price Policy

Pharmacy Mall has created all the conditions for you to make the most profitable purchases of pharmaceutical products. From the first day, our mission was simple: to make medicines affordable. Thanks to a competent Price Policy, our online pharmacy quickly became popular not only among pensioners, people suffering from chronic diseases, young people and the working population. With the growth of the pharmacy network, our opportunities for a prudent Price Policy are also growing, which is one of the most important factors in attracting customers. Our online store has been operating for a long time and earned an impeccable reputation.

Why does Canadian Pharmacy Mall have low prices?

  • Our online pharmacy makes a profit due to customers’ activity. We increase the demand by reducing prices – this is the main idea. For this purpose, we have developed an exclusive computer program that allows us to calculate the demand for specific goods, so that the pharmacy is not overstocked and there are always available drugs in the pharmacy. The turnover is more active due to the fact that the drugs are always available, and the pharmacy makes a profit even with minimal mark-ups on the drugs;
  • Well, of course it’s important to work with wholesalers. Pharmacy Mall purchases drugs in large lots, and this allows us to get the maximum discount from the manufacturer and cut shipping costs, which is certainly reflected in the retail price. In addition, we exclude costs for the storage of drugs – our suppliers deliver most of the goods directly to pharmacies, bypassing the warehouse;
  • Finally, our prices are lower, since we do not have to pay rent for premises, salaries for numerous pharmacists and consultants. However, you can always contact us to get a professional advice.

Sales and discounts

The system of discounts and promotions at Pharmacy Mall and drug manufacturers make your purchases even more profitable!

The pharmacy regularly organizes sales and discounts, and you can buy the necessary medications with a significant discount. This allows us to offer our customers reasonable prices. We also have loyalty programs aimed at supporting regular customers and preferential categories of citizens. There are actions and discounts that make it possible to profitably purchase the necessary goods from all drug categories available on Pharmacy Mall site.

Drugs for any budget

We strive to make medicines the most accessible for all population groups. Attentive attitude to customers and analysis of their needs has made our store the most popular online pharmacy in Canada.

Low price but high quality!

Pharmacy Mall offers cheap medicines but an invariably high range and quality of products.

The company clearly established the work of the department for drug quality control. The special department keeps track of every incoming lot – checks lists with the rejected lots and receives a certificate of conformity. In addition, the company also conducts selective quality control of drugs, which is carried out in the laboratory. Under the law, such control is not required now, but our online pharmacy is on guard for health of its customers.

Pharmacy Mall is the very case when you do not save on your health but save on the purchase of medicines.