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Copyright Notice

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Non-Responsibility Clause

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To the extent practicable under applicable law, the Company disclaims any representations or warranties that may otherwise be implied and disclaims liability with respect to the website, the Content and its use.

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Information about the product, as well as any other information published on the website, is provided to the best of Canadian Pharmacy Mall knowledge and beliefs. At the same time, such information, as far as possible in accordance with the current legislation, does not create any guarantees or representations of any kind and any responsibility of the Company, and does not relieve the User from conducting his own tests and checks.

Liability Limitation

The Company (including its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents and other representatives) shall not be liable to you for damages and direct, indirect, consequential or similar damages (including lost profits) arising from:

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Forecasting Statements

The website may contain forward-looking statements that describe possible or anticipated future performance of the Company or business strategy. In forecast statements, words like «count», «believe», «presume», «intend», «plan», «evaluate», «try», «will», «may» or other similar expressions are often found. You should not groundlessly rely on such statements. Statements, as well as other Content, including (without limitation) information on price of Company’s products, are provided for information purposes only and may become obsolete.


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