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Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Drugs and Other Methods

July 17, 2017

Any disease requires treatment. Especially, erectile dysfunction. This is vital for any man. Timely treatment of erectile dysfunction provides more chances of recovery than treatment of chronic process that has lasted for years. The problem is that men find it difficult to see a doctor. Especially with such an intimate problem. While they reach qualified medical help – they will try on themselves all recommendations of «knowledgeable» people which, along with benefit, can also cause harm to health. Visit doctors – their help is much more effective.

Methods of Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Medication Therapy
  • Vacuum Therapy
  • Introduction of drugs into spongy bodies of penis
  • Introduction of suppositories into urethra
  • Surgery, restoring patency of penile vessels
  • Endoprosthetics

Medication Therapy

Perhaps, this method is used by men in the first place. But the very purchase of drugs to increase potency can be an obstacle if you live not in a big city, but in a small village, where they still remember your grandfather, famous for his mighty power. Therefore, popularity of online pharmacies, such as Canadian Pharmacy Mall, which guarantee client’s anonymity, is growing every day.Erectile DysfunctionIn Canadian Health and Care Mall you can buy Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and their generics, the main active substance of which is the same as in listed expensive pills for potency, so they have the same effect on the body. The difference is in price only, because they are produced by different manufacturers.

Canadian generics are cheap and high quality. If sexual contact is possible only after taking the pill, then this fact can take away significant part of family budget. Moreover, drugs that improve potency are mostly used by people of older age group, among whom there are pensioners.

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A big plus of Canadian Health&Care Mall online pharmacy can also be called the fact that it offers a lot of information about drugs that are much cheaper. Regular pharmacies work in partnership with doctors. Apparently, it is profitable for both sides to sell expensive drugs. Therefore, even one course of treatment of, for example, osteochondrosis costs patient lots of money.

Besides, in any pharmacy there are cheap analogues of expensive drugs. It’s a pity that not all population knows about this. People do not know that one drug can have many trade names, but all of them have one basic active substance.

Courses of treatment with means that favorably affect the entire body and simultaneously improve performance of vascular system, are proved very effective. A complex of vitamins with microelements, ginseng, aralia, eleutherococcus, pantocrine – all this can be taken already at initial signs of erectile dysfunction. Contraindications may be hypertension, since tinctures can increase blood pressure, and individual intolerance of the drug.

Therefore, if your health leaves much to be desired, overdo all your shyness and consult a doctor about possibility of taking the chosen drug. Follow the main principle of medicine – «Do no harm!». Self-medication sometimes leads to unpleasant consequences.

If you have had unsuccessful contact with one woman, then do not experiment with Viagra and similar medications for erectile dysfunction on another partner. Three decades ago medicine knew only three sexually transmitted diseases, now there are about twenty.

Vacuum Therapy

A fairly simple method. Erection is achieved with a special device before sexual intercourse. Agree, it can be done only at home with a woman who knows about your problems. For casual sex the method is not good, and quality of erection leaves much to be desired.

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Introduction of Drugs into Cavernous Bodies of Penis

Apply it once every 7 – 10 days. Canadian Heath and Care Mall notes that this method is not available to everyone. Some men are afraid of syringes, and you need to inject yourself, and in the most intimate place. In addition, frequent injections adversely affect cavernous tissue, leading to sclerosing.

The first drugs could cause erection even without sexual excitement. And sometimes it was long and very painful. Modern means are quite safe, but you must not ignore instruction and advice of a doctor.

Intraurethral Treatment

Just note that this is available only to lean men. Large abdomen is a hindrance to the procedure. By the way, about big belly. Often it appears in «beer lovers».

Approximately twenty minutes before sexual intercourse with a special device, a suppository is introduced into urethra, which, gradually dissolving, provides good erection within an hour. All this is rather inconvenient. And the drug is expensive.

Surgery to Restore Vessels of Penis

Refers to the field of vascular surgery. Several methods have been developed. The goal is to restore normal blood flow to arteries and veins of the organ. The danger of surgical intervention is possibility of damage to nearby nerves that regulate mechanism of erection. However, the number of positive results is estimated in millions.


It is used in cases when other methods of treatment do not give results. Time does not stand still. Technologies are being improved, so modern prostheses are significantly different from their predecessors. An ignorant partner may not even know about existence of prosthesis.

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Canadian Pharmacy Mall notes that endothesia is an irreversible process, since cavernous bodies of penis will be completely removed. Prostheses, like any other mechanism, can break down, and operation itself will require a lot of money.


Summarizing everything said above we recall the main points:

  1. any man can face this problem. Do not panic, turn off your thoughts from what happened. A good rest or change of scenery will return everything to its proper place;
  2. if the situation lasts for a long time, do not ignore medical consultation and full medical examination;erectile-dysfunction
  3. taking drugs that increase potency, get acquainted with instructions. Do not exceed dosage indicated in it. Do not ignore contraindications to taking the drug;
  4. do not practice prolonged sexual intercourse – this is fraught with unpleasant consequences in functioning of reproductive system;
  5. get rid of bad habits that damage health;
  6. and one more thing, which, perhaps, can be clarified only in «celestial chancellery». It is said that God takes away male power from adulterers, sodomites, scytophiles, pedophiles and other «brethren» who violate Laws of God.