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How Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect Relationship?

March 31, 2017

Erectile Dysfunction and relationshipErectile dysfunction (an erection disorder), like other dysfunctions, affects not only a man who has difficulty in achieving an erection, but also his close people.

The problem of ED in a man greatly affects his partner. A man who does not have problems with erection feels young, healthy, courageous and sexy. In addition, good erection gives the partner the opportunity to feel attractiveness and sexuality.

Thus, ED affects not only the ability of a man to commit sexual intercourse, but also causes a feeling of uncertainty both in him and his partner. Men with erectile dysfunction are often embittered, which leads to emotional detachment from their sexual partners.

Successful erectile dysfunction treatment with Kamagra online from Canadian HealthCare Mall increases self-confidence and satisfaction.

Other potential barriers for the recovery of sexual activity may be:

  • Man’s insecurity in his abilities;
  • Feeling of pressure from the partner;
  • Lack of synchronicity of the partners’ actions;
  • Lack of time for romantic relationship;
  • Feeling of soreness, old age or disability.

In some cases, a woman may be against erectile dysfunction treatment with Canadian Kamagra due to emotional detachment from her partner, the level of sexual relations before ED and fear of the treatment consequences.

Canadian HealthCare Mall describes how ED can have a negative impact on partners’ relationship and how doctors can achieve maximum success, evaluating physical and sexual health of both partners and providing appropriate ED treatment.

How to build a healthy sex life: Canadian HealthCare tips that will help you

Healthy Sex Life is Important

  • Talk to each other each other before having sex: do something that will help your get closer to each other. Stay together for an hour a least once a week, doing something pleasant, interesting for both partners (for example, walking, breakfast, watching a romantic film);
  • Maintain romantic relationship even outside the bedroom – take care of each other;
  • Plan together how to spend time (when you have children or life problems). Schedule a day for making love;
  • Create an intimate environment (close the door, turn off the TV and phone, including mobile phone);
  • Sex is a game for adults – be sensual, let your skin and senses be ready to react to touch (use creams or powder for your hands to slide);
  • Do not expect that your partner will read your thoughts, let him know what you like: what touches, movements, what tempo you prefer;
  • Think about how to diversify your sex life. Sometimes it’s nice to try something “new” or even “forbidden” (imagine that you’ve just met, take a shower or bath together, put on sexy underwear);
  • Be kind and constructive – criticism never improves sexual relations;
  • Keep a sense of humor: often not everything works out, and humor is the best assistant;
  • Learn to forgive, do not pay attention to trifles;
  • Show your partner that you appreciate him, give your partner pleasant words, a compliment, hugs, flowers, postcards, some special dishes every day.
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The search for a solution of the problem should always begin with a dialogue between partners. It’s great if you have a frank talk about the problems, as the mutual understanding of the partners and their participation in solving the problems are of key importance.

Such a delicate conversation can develop according to different scenarios. If a man sees a reproach in his weakness, ridicule, humiliation of his manhood – a long scandal is inevitable and a break of relations is not excluded. A woman has a tremendous influence on a man and his self-confidence, so it is important to provide psychological support in case of erectile dysfunction. Show understanding and patience, support the first visit to the doctor.

Indeed, a healthy erection is a powerful subconscious stimulator of the male ego, where the psychological aspect prevails. So, erectile dysfunction is a real stress not only for the health of a man, but also for his self-esteem.

So, do not pretend that nothing is happening.

How can a woman help man with erectile dysfunction?

If your partner has problems with erection, it affects your relationship with him. When you have a feeling that your partner avoids intimate relationship, first try to identify the erectile dysfynction cause – start the dialogue carefully.

Read about how to cure erectile dysfunction and about the drugs for erectile dysfunction (including generic Kamagra tablets) before dialogue with your partner. Canadian HealthCare Mall web-site contains detailed information on simple methods of primary ED diagnosis – use it.
Talk to your partner about the problem. It’s not easy to start such a conversation, so we offer you some tips on how to prepare for it.

  • Carefully choose the right moment for the first conversation. It is important that you both feel comfortable and have enough time to talk;
  • Do not expect him to speak about the problem first;
  • Remind him that ED is a common disorder that can be effectively treated with PDE5 inhibitors, including generic Kamagra tablets;
  • During a conversation, let him know that he is not alone and you may solve the problem together;
  • Remind him that it is very important to visit a doctor. Erectile dysfunction can be the result of some dangerous disease, so timely medical examination is very important. It can also be a symptom of a more serious illness;
  • Offer him to go to a doctor’s office together.
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