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Privacy Policy

Pharmacy Mall has committed itself to protecting privacy of customers and users. Based on this, we have compiled these principles of Privacy Policy concerning collection, use, publication, transmission and storage of client data. Our activities in the Internet are performed in accordance with legislation of Canada. Please take a few minutes and read principles of our Privacy Policy.Privacy policy

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personal data are the data that Canadian Pharmacy Mall collects from a private person when the terms of concluded agreement are met or in order to subsequently contact this private person. Collection of personal data of regular customers can take place in the following ways:

  • by providing contact information (including your name, personal identification code, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, preferred method of communication) on our website or in another place (for example, in a store);
  • when using Internet page from information of client’s account or by using cookies;
  • when making a purchase or placing an order in our online store while providing personal contact information or saving missing information to indicate preferred method of making purchase (Canadian Pharmacy Mall may request to voluntarily submit personal data and personal information in certain sections of the website. Necessary personal information may include your name, address, postal code, e-mail address, phone number and other information).

Collecting Other Data

We also collect depersonalized data – data that can not be directly associated with any particular person (gender, age, language preference, location). In addition, we can collect generalized data about activities of customers in our stores and on the website. These data are collected and used so that we can provide customers with useful information, as well as information on which products, services and sections are of greatest interest. Generalized data are used in this Privacy Policy as anonymous data.

Use of Collected Personal Data

With the help of collected personal data, we can inform Pharmacy Mall customers about upcoming events, campaigns and announcements. Those customers who do not wish to receive our newsletter or notifications about goods that may be of interest may at any time remove their name from the target group’s mailing list. Collected personal data is also used by us to deliver goods and to fulfill obligations to customers. In order to better serve customers, Online Pharmacy Mall can disclose information about individual users to third parties providing Pharmacy Mall services and related confidential information. Third parties, for example, are our business partners, whose duties include delivery of goods purchased at the online store.

Change of Collected Personal Data

Collected personal data to identify the client and communicate with him is possible to view, change and add to our website.

Protection of Personal Information

Pharmacy Mall applies all possible precautions (including administrative, technical and physical) to protect personal data of customers. Access to processing and data modification functions is available only to authorized persons.


All personal data of customers, which became known in the process of visiting and making purchases in Pharmacy Mall, are considered confidential information. A digital channel of data transfer ensures security of personal data and bank details of the buyer.

Terms and Conditions of Privacy Policy

We proceed from assumption that before using our website or filling out an application for becoming a regular customer, you have read and understood these principles and conditions of our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right, if necessary, to amend main terms of the Privacy Policy by informing all regular customers. To resolve any arising issues and problems related to the Privacy Policy or data processing, please contact us by e-mail