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Anti-Spam Policy

What is Spam?

Spam is considered to be a mass mailing of e-mails of commercial content to people who did not give their consent to receive this information. Mass mailing refers to sending messages with the same content to a large number of recipients. Sending spam using Pharmacy Mall service is strictly prohibited.

Content of Sent Messages

The user must provide accurate information in headers and text content of sent messages. The recipient must be able to clearly identify the sender. The content of the header and body of the message should not mislead, misinform, violate its rights, violate the copyright of third parties.Pharmacy Mall

User E-mail Address

Pharmacy Mall user must authenticate his / her valid e-mail address, which will be automatically included in each message sent to them. He must also timely update his data, maintain contact with the administration of the service in order to confirm the relevance of the information provided.

Refusal to Subscribe

Each unsubscribed message automatically includes unsubscribe link that can not be deleted. With this function, the mailing list is updated regularly, automatically, so that messages will not be sent to the subscriber who refused to receive them.

It is forbidden to send messages to a follower who was subscribed to the mailing list, but then refused to receive emails from this user. Canadian Pharmacy Mall system automatically handles all mailing failures and provides this data to the service user. This is reflected in user’s account and when billing it in case of using paid functions.

Additional Anti-spam Measures

In addition to above mentioned means of counteracting the sending of spam, Pharmacy Mall offers its customers to use the mechanism of confirmation of the user’s consent to receive messages (double opt-in). When using this mechanism this online pharmacy automatically creates a message for each user, responding to which, the user confirms his consent to receive messages in the future. Only those users who have agreed in this way will be included in mailing lists.