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Beauty without Age: Myths and Facts about Menopause

November 23, 2016

Modern gold standard – a good-looking and elegant woman without age. She leads active lifestyle, successfully combining taking care of her family, job or her own business, she has her own interests and hobbies. To call this woman a middle-aged lady would be inappropriate.

At her 45+ years heroine of our time is beautiful, sexy and attractive, as if going through Indian summer. A striking example – Hollywood stars, who we try to look up to.

Thus, in one interview sultry stunner Jennifer Lopez said, «At forty years, I like myself a lot more and I feel much more confident in my life than when I was 25».

Sharon Stone and Demi Moore also do not complex about their age and change young husbands and boyfriends like a girl changes cloths. Beloved by millions Monica Bellucci jokes that she like a good wine – over the years only better.


Violating an unwritten rule not to mention woman’s age: Lopez – 43 years old, Moore – 50, Stone – 55, Bellucci – 48. And all those beauties can confirm the he fact that after 40 years life is just beginning.

However, around the age of 45+, beautiful half of humanity has many stereotypes and fears, including fear of losing sexuality, attractiveness, tone. Climax is regarded as a kind of inevitable punishment from nature, after which all female values: beauty, health, positive outlook, harmonious sex life – are cruelly «written off».

Canadian Health&Care Mall experts emphasize that climax is a natural transition state of female body, but not disease and death sentence. To get rid of misconceptions about menopause and make this period more comfortable, to save usual quality of life is possible by following these guidelines.

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Mythology 45+: What’s Menopause not to Blame for?

Myth 1: Climax has Bad Influence on Appearance.

Fact: Decrease in estrogen actually affects skin and hair condition, but this factor can be corrected. Much larger detrimental effect on women’s appearance and health in this or any other age have stress, bad ecology of large cities, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle.

Comfortable exercise, regular, according to age requirements, face, body and hair care, non-rigid diet, proper nutrition and balanced daily regimen, including good sleep and fresh air will help your beauty without damage to survive menopause. Regular monitoring by doctor will help to prevent health problems.

Myth 2: Menopause is a Very Uncomfortable Condition.

Many women going through menopause complain on mood changes, increased sweating, insomnia, hot flashes, heart palpitations, pressure surges, headaches and other symptoms. To make this period more comfortable, save usual quality of life will help homeopathic remedies by Canadian Health&Care Mall, which are produced according to European quality standards.

Myth 3: Menopause is a Sentence for Female Sexuality

Fact: Menopause does not reduce female libido and does not worsen intimate life, if a woman is healthy and takes care of her health. And to get rid of uncomfortable sensations in the sensitive zone will help various means for personal hygiene for sensitive skin. They are specially designed for use in cases when natural skin pH level in intimate area is disrupted.


Thanks to neutral pH and high concentration of lactic acid these means restore natural mucosa acid level, eliminate discomfort associated with irritation. They are allowed to be used during menstruation, during pregnancy and after childbirth, while taking hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics, after gynecological surgery and during menopause. They do not contain soap, alcohol and perfume, are non-irritating and do not dry your skin.

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And how do you feel about personal milestone marked «40»? We wish you: love yourself, be optimistic, and take care of your health. Beauty and pleasure to feel yourself a woman have no age!