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Lumigan: Eye Drops for Every Occasion

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Lumigan Detailed DescriptionEye Care

What is Lumigan?

Lumigan is eye drops with active substance – bimatoprost. Lumigan is used for glaucoma treatment. Glaucoma is very dangerous because it can lead to complete blindness. Glaucoma cause is often increase in intraocular pressure.

The disease obtains several degrees:

  • reduced sharpness of vision;
  • person gradually decreases review latitude;
  • if untreated, optic nerve can completely stop functioning and blindness occurs in early disease’s stages.

Lumigan Indications for Use

Lumigan (generic name – Bimatoprost) – medicamentous eye drops, which are used to treat glaucoma or other diseases causing increased intraocular pressure. Lumigan Canada Pharmacy relates to prostamide group. Prostamides have a variety of medical applications, one of which – expansion of channels of intraocular fluid outflow. In such a way, Lumigan performs its functions reducing intraocular pressure by promoting outflow of excess intraocular fluid.

Pharmacological Form

Ophthalmological drops for topical use Lumigan 0.03% is released in a plastic vial of 3 ml (special applicator included).

The main Lumigan active ingredient: bimatoprost – 0.03 mg / ml.

Additional components are:

  • sodium chloride;
  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • dibasic sodium phosphate;
  • distilled water;
  • citric acid.

Lumigan Generic Canada Dosage and Mode of Application

LumiganUse Lumigan eye drops according to attending doctor prescription and then buy them via Canadian Health&Care Mall online.

Lumigan daily dosage – 1 drop of each in sick eye at bedtime, once a day. With the simultaneous use of several eye medications, take a break and wait at least 5 minutes.
Do not use Lumigan if you wear contact lenses. Wait at least 15 minutes after application before putting them on again. Otherwise, it may cause irritation and lens discoloration. Do not bury your eyes more than once a day, because treatment effectiveness may be reduced.

In process of applying Lumigan drops, patients are suddenly manifested additional cosmetic effect – reinforced eyelashes growth. This opportunity cannot be skipped by many women who are trying to buy Lumigan to produce luxurious eyelashes. Buy Lumigan via Canadian Health and Care Mall and have beautiful eyelashes. To do this, you must not drop and rub with a small brush 1 time a day at bedtime in eyelashes roots. The procedure is performed over 2 months, and then repeated periodically 1 time per week.

Lumigan Side Effects

The most common Lumigan side effect – conjunctival hyperemia (in 15-40% of cases).

By the third year of Lumigan Canada application, it begins to decrease progressively to near extinction.

Approximately 0.5-3% of patients find it a cause for Lumigan withdrawal. Fairly common side effects:

  • intense itching;
  • eyelashes growth (approximately 15-40%).

In 1 -10% of all cases such side effects appear after Lumigan application as:

  • dryness;
  • eye pain;
  • eye burning and irritation;
  • visual impairment;
  • permanent foreign body sensation in eye;
  • perimacular pigmentation;
  • cataract;
  • blepharitis;
  • superficial punctate keratitis;
  • eyelashes darkening;
  • periorbital erythema;
  • allergic conjunctivitis;
  • eye discharge;
  • photophobia;
  • lacrimation;
  • asthenopia;
  • hyposphagma;
  • increased iris pigmentation;
  • congestion of conjunctiva;
  • abnormal hair growth.

In rare cases, it is possible iritis emergence (intraocular inflammation).

Most frequent systemic side effects (about 10%) are:

  • infection of upper respiratory tract;
  • common cold.

Also, there are exceptions when patients complain of:

  • increase of liver enzymes;
  • headache;
  • asthenia.

Lumigan Contraindications

  • children and adolescents;
  • allergy to Lumigan and other drug components;
  • pregnancy and lactation.
  • Be sure to consult your doctor if you have:
  • breathing problems;
  • impaired liver function and kidney failure;
  • had cataract surgery;
  • dry eyes;
  • had problems with cornea;
  • prescribed contact lenses;
  • low blood pressure;
  • had a viral infection or eye inflammation.Beautiful Eyes

Lumigan Interactions with Other Drugs

Lumigan interaction with other drugs is unlikely due to its very low concentration in blood immediately after instillation in eyes.

According to results of pre-clinical studies, Canadian Pharmacy Mall Lumigan is biotransformed in completely different ways, it is not affecting liver enzymes that are involved in other drugs metabolism.

Conducting numerous studies showed there are no interaction with all kinds of β-blockers in case of simultaneous application. However, interaction with other glaucoma medications still have not been studied.

Interactions with Other Eye Drops

Lumigan can be used with other ophthalmological medications, but after a certain period of time. Before using this means, you must remove contact lenses and you can wear them in 15 minutes after instillation. Usually, ophthalmologists prescribe to take Lumigan in the evening. This is sufficient, because Lumigan online effect lasts for a long period (almost 24 h).

Precautions of Lumigan Generic

Lumigan can often cause increased eyelids, iris and eyelashes pigmentation. Such effects may occur due to increased amount of pigment in melanocytes, but it is not accompanied by increase in number of the latter.

A special expression of such manifestations depends solely on reception duration. Immediately after stopping bimatoprost (Lumigan), often iris pigmentation to initial non-refundable and eyelashes and eyelids pigmentation may be significantly reduced. So far, we have not been studied long-term consequences of this effect.

There are exceptions, when Lumigan is discontinued, there observed reversible:

  • strengthening eyelashes growth;
  • eyelashes number;
  • eyelashes thickness.

With extreme caution, Lumigan is prescribed for patients with fairly active intraocular inflammatory process (eg uveitis and iritis) due to its amplification.

In addition, there is some evidence of recurrent corneal infiltrates or ocular infections during bimatoprost use.

In such a case, more careful monitoring of sick patients who use Lumigan with viral ocular in anamnesis is required (for example, herpes simplex).

Admission of Lumigan is exceptionally able to promote gradual development of the so-called macular edema.

It is the exact reason why doctors do not recommend Lumigan use in patients at risk of developing one of their pathologies:

  • diabetic retinopathy;
  • damage to posterior capsule because of cataract extraction;
  • aphacia.

Bimatoprost up to present time has not been studied in treatment of narrow-angle and, neovascular, congenital glaucoma.

With extreme caution Lumigan should be prescribed to patients with both hepatic and renal insufficiency.

The drug also has not been studied in patients with impaired respiratory function. But there is some evidence of asthma, chronic lung disease and dyspnea exacerbation. This group of people should use Lumigan with extreme caution.

If there are any blockages or intracardiac heart failure safety, use of bimatoprost has not been evaluated yet, but in medical literature there are few reports of:

  • hypotension development;
  • bradycardia development.

In addition, it is recommended with particular caution to use Lumigan by patients with relatively low heart rate and low blood pressure.

Due to presence in composition substance such as benzalkonium chloride, long-term use required constant monitoring of cornea condition. It all happens because of risk of toxic or peptic keratopathy point, especially in patients who use contact lenses or with syndrome of “dry” eyes.

The risk of applying Lumigan during pregnancy according to FDA has category C. In animal studies, it was found that drug has a strong teratogenic effect in case of increasing doses that far exceed the maximum for human body.

Adequate studies have been conducted on pregnant women. Also there were not studied possibility of drug excretion and its metabolites in a nursing mother’s milk, but in experiments on animals this fact was established.

That is why Lumigan use is reasonable only when resulting effects to mother is greater than the risk of any side effects for fetus.

It is not currently found Lumigan influence on fertility. In addition, drug does not appear to have any carcinogenic or mutagenic effects in experiments carried out on animals.

Lumigan safety was not estimated in children younger than 18 years.

There are also short-term blurred vision or other visual disturbances. It is required to refrain from car driving in the event of their occurrence.

Alternative Lumigan Application

Lumigan is applied for eyelashes growth as alternative application – Canadian HealthCare Mall claims. Most of the popular products for eyelashes growth are made on basis of bimatoprost (main Lumigan component). It is an artificial analogue of prostaglandin – hormone-like substances contained in our body.

Bimatoprost began to be used in medicine in the 30-ies of the last century. Since 2001, Lumigan is officially allowed to use in the United States as a cure for increased intraocular pressure. At the same time, American ophthalmologists have noticed a curious thing: the longer a patient is used Lumigan eye drops, the more magnificent eyelashes became. Trichologists also noticed benefit of Lumigan application, adapting bimatoprost to treat eyelids hypotrichosis – lack of eyelashes growth.

At this point, cosmetic industry in 2005 released eyelash conditioner “Age Intervention Eyelash” containing bimatoprost. Later, there were means RevitaLash MD Lash Factor.

In 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved bimatoprost use in eyelashes means for company Allergan, which once Botox is implemented in cosmetology.

For all other producers, it meant only one thing: development of new synthetic prostaglandins, which would render eyelashes the same effect as bimatoprost. So four years later, there were dozens of products on the market with a variety of means, but similar scheme operation.

How Does it Work?

In contrast to hair, eyelashes and eyebrows grow only up to a certain length, given by the nature. This length depends on number of ciliated cells papillae. Means with prostaglandins irritate the hair follicle, increase blood circulation and stimulate ciliary processes cells – due to their rapid division accelerated the growth of eyelashes and increases their length. However, body is a holistic system in which everything is interconnected: interfering in some processes, you will inevitably force on others.

Lumigan Review

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