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5 Most Important Rules of how to be Beautiful, Healthy and Slim EVER Given by Canadian Health and Care Mall

November 16, 2016

Absolutely every person always wants to be healthy, beautiful and slim. Health is not always good, and over time it tends to get lost even more, as well, and everything else. But man, fortunately, has ability to carry out preventive maintenance for conservation of these three qualities, strengthen them and improve.

Health, of course, is not always possible to return, but beauty and harmony are possible, with certain rules and effort. So, we present you the 5 rules of how to be healthy, beautiful and slim forever!health and beauty

Top 5 Rules


It is self-love. We need to love yourself, body, health, soul, appearance, all that nature gave you. Take yourself as you are born with all pluses and minuses. It is established that a person who loves himself, is already happy. And in this situation it is less susceptible to various diseases and depression, and if he suddenly falls sick and then the whole disease occurs not so bad. We need to smile to the whole world, and he will smile to you in return.

Everything should be treated with positive, even negative points, find positive in everything. You have to believe in yourself! Believe that you change that will achieve – your goal to lose weight and give a pump, recover. Everything is possible just your desire is necessary.

Action / Movement

Everyone knows popular phrase “movement – that’s life!”. And it is no wonder it is so popular. From motion absolutely everything works, from every cell of our body, and ending with the whole universe. Thanks to regular movement we can strengthen and keep body’s harmony, body’s health, and this is the key of our beauty.

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It always starts small and goes to more. Start with 15 minutes of charging in the morning, then turn on something more (cycling evening stroll) and so on. Then you will see how you have developed and brought many benefits body, how to strengthen their health. The motion does not mean that you should work hard, motion should bring positive emotions and excitement, not tiredness.

Rest and Sleep

In all periods and in all weather man needs a good rest and sound sleep. Sleep – is part of holiday. After a long time without a good rest human health will deteriorate and, consequently, its beauty. Sleep is essential for person to recover, and also is known as the best medicine for diseases. Therefore, in hospitals people often sleep and these conditions are created for them.

You just need to rest Рto lie in bath full of foam, walking in woods, listening to music. After each working day it is necessary to arrange a proper rest. You should work only at work or overtension will not bring any positive results. If you do not have a pretty good idea of how to prevent your bad mood command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall: where you will find medications for all.


Many things in our life depends on nutrition including health, beauty and harmony. Nutrition – is our fuel, which should be filled with all the essential components – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Every day a person should eat daily rate of all of these substances, and then he will be healthy and beautiful.

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Unhealthy diet spoils health, spoil shape and beauty of the whole body and face. Therefore, it is in people’ interests to build and organize their nutrition in a proper way.

Air, Sun, Water

sunbathingThe man would not have been created without these nature components. Without sun there would be no life, as well as absence of oxygen and water. While summer implies sun, take a sun bath as frequently as possible, walk in fresh air, it is desirable to do every day before going to bed, drink plenty of water to accelerate and maintain metabolism.

Live by these rules and you will see that everything is much better in your life than you imagine. Canadian Health&Care Mall guarantees you life without health troubles! We will support you in any situation – we are your friend!