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Combined Birth Control Pills + Alesse

January 24, 2017

Monophasic, Biphasic and Triphasic Birth Control Pills

Hormonal birth control pills are divided into several varieties:

  1. monophasic;
  2. biphasic;
  3. triphasic.

Monophase oral contraception is composed of the same number of synthetic analogues of progesterone and estrogen.

Monophasic birth control brands are:

  • Mercilon;
  • Marvelon;
  • Regulon;
  • Novynette;
  • Diane-35;
  • Logest;
  • Femoden;
  • Cilest;
  • Ovidon;
  • Rigevidon;
  • Non-Ovlon;
  • Minizistone.

These birth control pills are the best method of protection for young nulliparous women.Alesse Birth Control -Biphasic Medication

The principal difference between these contraceptive means are dose of hormones contained. Therefore, an important condition is that individual selection of such means, during which gynecologists must take into account overall women’s health and presence of chronic diseases and pathologies, and finally ability to buy more expensive contraception. But this statement is not always true, for example you may buy Alesse online at Canadian Pharmacy Mall at attractively low price – $0.95 per item.

Speaking about biphasic birth control pills, it should be noted that this category of drugs is not enormous.

Biphasic birth control pills contain of two components:

  • ethinyl estradiol;
  • levonorgestrel.

Generic Alesse Birth Control composition includes ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel being biphasic contraceptive means.

Biphasic contraceptives – taking into account Alesse 21 and 28, in addition to the main effects, promote acne, seborrhea treatment. The fact is that these diseases are often caused by too high androgen content, generic Alesse allows to balance hormone content. Specialists determine biphasic birth control medications as intermediate agents between mono and triphasic means.

Triphasic hormonal birth control pills allows you to simulate natural menstrual cycle, as in preparation contained hormones in the ratio as close as possible to physiological.

This group includes:

In these preparations, hormones contain in different ratios. Such agents positively influence organism in presence of original ovarian dysfunction and other diseases.

Triphasic birth control is advised for women after 27 years.

How to Take Birth Control?

Hormonal birth control pills, Alesse is not an exception, are produced in platelets by modern manufacturers, which contain 21 or 28 tablets. For woman easy to navigate in order of drug administration, a new triphasic and biphasic pills have a special designation on packaging in form of arrows or days of week. Birth control pills should be taken on the first day of menstrual cycle, after which product must be taken daily.

Doctors advise, if possible, to take pills at one and the same time. Recent studies suggest that at such strict regimen hormonal substances, which are present in generic Alesse (Ovral L) absorbed better. 21 course should be taken on the first day of menstruation, followed by a break of seven days. In days when birth control pills are not taken, it does not require use of other methods of protection, because contraceptive effect remains. 28 course is carried out continuously without breaks.

After one year of birth control pills application, woman should take a break for three months for ovarian function to fully recover and not to have any unwanted side effects. These days you should use other methods of contraception to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

Women taking these birth control pills should clearly know that there are drugs which are interacted with birth control.

There medications are:

  • anticonvulsants;
  • some antibiotics;
  • medicines for lung diseases.

If you take Alesse or some other birth control pills, you should inform your doctor about this aspect.