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How to Grow a Child Healthy?

November 18, 2016

Your Family Emotions – Your Child Health

All parents think about it, all parents are worried about it. We read books, consult friends, go to doctors. Usually when a child starts to get sick, we least think about impact of our education and atmosphere in family on emotional state of inner peace and ultimately – to children’ health. And you should begin it with the following.

Standard situation in family. Small child tries to get acquainted with surrounding world. Its natural need – to touch, feel, see, climb all the boxes and slots. In response to their natural desire to know world, he constantly hears from mom and dad, the most important people in the world – get away from here, do not touch, do not break it. When parents’ nerves are frayed, a child gets a couple of slaps. In the end, his knowledge of the world comes to an end “in the corner”. It is sad. Many parents of children when making any mistakes, do not sparing of words.

I often hear phrases like: you are a liar, he’ll be good for nothing, you disappoint your parents, you’re a bad boy or bad girl. Parents criticize their children every minute. No one doubts that they are intended to correct situation, to help child to change, to improve his behavior or to warn of something dangerous.

children healthIn fact, child ceases to believe in himself, he has produced a unique ability to self-criticism, likelihood of errors increases many times. Over time, it becomes more emotional, anxious, hypersensitive, it begins to be afraid and defensive. And it is beginning to emerge psychological and emotional causes of poor health, reluctance of anything to do at all.

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The child grows up in a constant state of stress, and in fact has long been known that stress, negative emotions, and nervous system disorder lead to various diseases. Think of how much negative emotions your child experiences, regardless of age, when he is under constant criticism, his behavior is evaluated by an unknown scale, abused, and sometimes beaten.

Put yourself in his place – you would be completely healthy and happy? I think answer is obvious. This theme can be developed indefinitely, but in this article Canadian Health and Care Mall will share with you some tips how to make sure that your child is healthy and happy, at any time and in any place.

There are two factors that significantly affect health of children and their susceptibility to negative emotions, and consequence of which lead to diseases’ appearance. This are criticism and dislike on parents’ part. Children are growing as very open. Their mind is a sponge that absorbs all the emotions (positive and negative) from their parents and peers..

If your child is constantly repeating that he is bad, unworthy, thief, liar, he would take it that it is what it is. These words of parents take root in his inner world and his subconscious and taken as a guide to action. Fear, resentment, anger, poor health – you’ll get everything in your child. Another factor affecting health of children, is lack of love.

Since child’s birth he is waiting and looking for love without any strings. It is love of parents – the key to health and happiness. If child does not get full of love from one or both parents, he is going through the most traumatic experiences in life. If parents react to the child’s with anger, disapproval, cries, child is frightened, it is disturbing, it can not cope with its own emotions, child begins to fade from the inside. If parents take love first, and then give, the child begins to suffer from serious psychological and personal problems that lead to poor health and disease infinite.

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It can not get out of it himself. Even it is more difficult situation if the child grows up in an atmosphere of quarrels and conflicts. From an early age, a child, listening to scandals and cries of parents grow more painful person than the one who grew up in a peaceful, understanding and loving family. Love, understanding and encouragement are necessary for little man to health, such as calcium, iodine, sunlight and air.

To conclude this article I must point out two conditions of Health and Happiness to your kids. Failure to meet any of them will lead to negative emotions, nervous system disorders, disorders in adolescence and adulthood:

  1. The first condition for healthy development is love of parents to child and lack of criticism. Many parents think they love their children, it is actually difficult for them to remember when they were talking to his son or daughter, “I love you” for the last time. Love kids, hug, kiss as much as possible. Do not be confused by words “I Love You”. Let your love be without any conditions, think of a child as it is. If a child has done something wrong, do you think better when it has committed any mistake, start with the words “I love you, but what you have done could cause you harm,” or something like that. Do not Cry! Do not hit the child! Explain, approve, encourage. Talk to your child that he is the best and most favorite.
  2. The second condition for a healthy childhood – love of parents to each other, respect, understanding, peace and harmony in family. Children learn based on family experience, they soak up your relationship, your love. It is said that the best thing a man can do for his children – to love their mother, and the best thing a woman can do for their children – to love their father. It is truth. Stop quarreling and scandaling outside of home and family. Let your family will be ideal. Love each other, their children, and your whole family will be healthier and happier!
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If you could not cope with nerves and cannot stop crying on your child, please order tranquillizers via Canadian Health and Care Mall. Consult a doctor to adjust dosage and place an order via our service. Our medications will improve your mental health and body systems performance will be enhanced as well. Remember you can take your mental health under control that’s why be ready to act and think properly before crying on a child being full of negative emotions.